Arundel Alternative

Responding to the A27 Arundel Bypass Consultation

Survey guide

To reject Highways England’s six damaging options, and support the Arundel Alternative, please use our guide and help save communities and the environment. We suggest having Highways England’s survey open in a new browser tab, and referring back to this page. Questions 1-3 ask for your own details, so our guide starts at Question 4. Non-essential questions have been omitted.

This guide is for the online survey. There is a paper version of the survey, it asks the same questions but is numbered differently. It is critical to respond to Highways England via their official survey,
by October 24th. Other responses may be ignored.


Question 4

How to answer

When choosing a preferred option, we recommend that supporters of the Arundel Alternative do one of two things:

1) Tick ‘do nothing’, then in box 13, write that you support the Arundel Alternative: a shorter, 40mph, wide single carriageway road.

2) Tick Beige (or Cyan), then in box 13, write that you do not support either route in their current form, but that you support the Arundel Alternative: a shorter, 40mph, wide-single carriageway road.

why it matters

A significant vote for Beige (or Cyan) will mean Highways England cannot claim that only long, 'offline' bypasses through Arundel countryside are supported. Adopting the route alignment of Beige or Cyan is a better basis for arguing for the short 40mph single carriage Arundel Alternative as the better design for that route.

Note: Cyan would be a 70mph dual carriageway with a flyover. Beige would be a 70mph dual carriageway with an at level junction and 50mph section.


Question 5

How to answer

Please tick at least one of these.

7 copy2.png

Questions 6 and 7

How to answer

Please answer as you feel appropriate.


Question 8

How to answer

You could use this space to highlight the need for improvements to local bus services and public transport links at Arundel, and for a foot/cycle path to Ford station, and other walking and cycling infrastructure.


Question 9

How to answer

Whilst many of the questions about route issues are legitimate,
be aware that Highways England will be looking to use responses to this question to justify their choice of preferred option.

For example, 'Rat-run traffic should be removed from unsuitable local roads' is reasonable, particularly for those living in Canada Road or Queen Street. However, it is likely to be read as a desire for Arundel measures to cut traffic in Storrington, although data shows that a scheme at Arundel will make little difference there.

If in any doubt about how responses to this question may be interpreted, please clarify your answer in the free text boxes
Qu 8 or Qu 13.

You can also leave any question blank.


Question 10

How to answer

Please make your own choices. You can read about Highways England’s proposed options here (link opens in a new window).

We suggest selecting 'Magenta' as your ‘least safe’ and ‘worst’ option, as this route is particularly damaging and is recommended by those keen to see a dual carriageway.


Question 11

How to answer

To support the Arundel Alternative, please select Beige (or Cyan) or Do Nothing, in your preferred order.


If Highways England choose either Cyan or Beige to take forward to Statutory Consultation, we will be in a good position to bring people together in a campaign to ensure that, if built, it must only be as a 40mph single carriageway, and not a dual carriageway.


Question 12

How to answer

We suggest selecting 'Magenta' as this is particularly damaging and is recommended by those keen to see a dual carriageway.


Question 13

how to answer

Please say that you support the Arundel Alternative, the short 40mph wide single carriageway on the alignment of the Cyan and Beige options between Ford Road roundabout and Crossbush junction.

It is critical to include all the above information and in your own words.

You could also mention that Highways England’s options will increase carbon emissions and make it harder to meet legal targets of net-zero carbon by 2050; that they will harm communities, wildlife, woodland, wetlands, carbon stores, public health and the South Downs National Park; that we need to see improved public transport and walking and cycling measures and a reduction in traffic and that their options will increase the number of journeys made by car.

Thank you for completing the survey

If you are responding to the survey as an individual not an organisation, there is no need to complete any further than question 13.